Katelin (Kiya) Marie Schnorr is a freelance professional dancer and photographer in New York City. Recent projects include collaborations with Demetrius Klein, Andrea Ollarvide, and Nicole Roerick. Kiya is a co-founder of modern dance blog ANYPROVENFORMULA, and associate artistic director of Daughters, a dance collective. Her photographic credits include work for Lululemon Athletica and The American Dance Festival. Kiya is also an instructor at New York based fitness studio, Physique 57.

Born in South Florida, Kiya received the majority of her early dance training under Demetrius Klein, Gina Buntz, and Eileen Houghton-Hebron, largely studying Cunningham technique, Classical Ballet, and Improvisation. At 16, she began an apprenticeship with the Demetrius Klein Dance Company, becoming a company member 1 year later, and continued on with the group for the next 3 years.

Kiya received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree Magna Cum Laude from Florida State University in 2012. While at FSU, Kiya had the pleasure of dancing in six concerts, and performing five solos; one of which was self-choreographed. In addition to her dance studies, Kiya completed two semesters of directed independent study in portraiture photography under Rick McCullough, and experimented with Video Dance under the direction of noted videographer Timothy Glenn.

Photo by Aubrie Rodriguez

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